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Patron Saint Master Song Da Fong


History of Our Patron Saint Master Song Da Fong

There is no indication from which we can trace the native town of Saint Master Song Da Fong of Sung Dynasty. He was first seen in Ho-Ping Li, west of Min District. Part of this was separated by a rapid river which was too deep and broad that had taken the lives of numerous travellers during stormy days. For the convenience of the public and to avoid the recurrence of such tragedies, Saint Master Song Da Fong vowed that he would have a bridge of granite built. Those who heard his pledge laughed at him as it seemed to be an impossible project to be accomplished during those days. He paid no heed to the ridicule; but started the fund raising campaign, together with a survey of the area, sounding of the water and estimation of the number of carpenters and masons required. The possibilities in having the mission completed were so slim that no one knew or bothered to know what he was doing. In the year Kui Bao ofthe Reign of Suan-Ho (1123AD), without notifying the locals, Saint Master Song Da Fong left the district with all the money donated by them. Five years later, Saint Master Song Da Fong returned by boat and this time with the money donated, he brought with him food, timbers, granites, labourers and all the necessities for the construction of the bridge. In one year the bridge was completed. The span of the Bridge comprised nineteen arches. However, two other arches, one on each side nearest to the bank of the river were unfinished upon the death of Saint Master Song Da Fong that year. The bridge was completed by Mr Tsai Kung Yuan, a native of the district. It is said that during the construction of the bridge Saint Master Song Da Fong appealed to the city God and his prayers were answered when the tide ceased coming in for seven days. It is indeed miraculous and a temple has since been built and named "Pao Te" (Repayment of Kindness) commemorating the construction of the Ho-Ping Bridge.


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